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Complete our 2016 subscriber survey and win a BigglesAir Club flight to the Yarra Valley »

Fly over Melbourne's landmarks and on to a winery lunch for two! Wine or books could also be yours

Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

Tell us what you think about wine, food and more in our 2016 VisitVineyards subscriber survey before 2nd Oct, and you'll be in the draw to win a flight for two people over Melbourne then off to a Yarra Valley vineyard for lunch. We also have some magnificent wine from Oliver's Taranga PLUS if you just answer the first 12 quick questions, independent wine advice from Jeremy Oliver could be yours. So get your flying goggles ready and help our wine and food producers by getting into the VisitVineyards 2016 subscriber survey now »

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Enjoy great WINES

Win V/Line travel and tickets to Toast to the Coast

Here's cheers to the scrumptuous food and wine of the Geelong region!

Enjoy great WINES

Come late October the wineries of Geelong, just an hour from Melbourne, will be serving up welcoming smiles and opening their finest wines so you can raise your glass to the region's wonderful wine and food. We have two huge recommendations to make - firstly, don't miss this signature event and secondly get someone else to keep you on track – a V/Line train driver! Take up both these recommendations when you enter to win one of five train travel and double pass packs to Toast to the Coast 2016 »

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

Win Best's Great Western: celebrating 150 years

A beautiful book to commemorate this magnificent feat

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

Best's is one of Australia's oldest family owned wineries and custodian to some of the country's oldest vines. Founded in 1866, this years marks 150 years of Best's and to celebrate, they've published a beautiful book to mark the occasion. In it you'll learn of the history and meet some family members around that most convivial of places, the dining table. Enter now for your chance to win Best's wonderful presentation of their 150 year history »

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